Beginners Screen Printing Class

Beginners Screen Printing Class


A Class with Nathan Reimer from The Make House.

Wednesday, June 21st at 5:30pm

This introductory screen printing class focuses on a light sensitive, photo emulsion process that is the standard of screen-printing today.


Working with your own design we highlight different ways of approaching this process and consider how it can be adapted to many uses and applications. Whether you're interested in printing tee shirts and apparel, paper, wood or signs this process is where it all starts.

We visit the tools and materials involved in preparing an image for print, coating and burning a screen, and printing a personal image. Students leave with a basic understanding of the silk-screening process as well as their own set of prints.

The class starts at 5:30pm and runs 4-5 hours.  No previous printing experience is necessary and people of any age are welcome.

We will meet at 1505 N Bryant St.  Portland, OR 97217