Intro to Soap Making

Intro to Soap Making


Taught by Justin Martin

Thursday June 22nd at 6pm

In this Introduction to Soap-Making workshop participants will learn the basics of making their own hand-crafted soap at home with easily acquired tools and equipment.


Participants will learn the “cold-process” soap-making method, how to work with lye safely, how to use a “lye-calculator” to create their own soap recipes, the basics of the chemical processes involved, and get ideas for further exploration of this craft. We will use various natural vegetable oils to make the soap base and a selection of essential oils, natural colorants, and textures will be provided so that participants can experiment and make their soap unique. Every participant will take home 3 bars of their own soap.


Justin Martin is a soap-maker, leather worker and bookbinder living in Portland, Oregon. He formerly lived in New England where he worked as a mathematics and outdoor educator. It was there that he first acquired an appreciation for all things hand-made.